Mefjus — Particles Studio Insights: Transit with IMANU (Episode 4)
Sound Design

Mefjus — Particles Studio Insights: Transit with IMANU (Episode 4)

Matthew Vere
Matthew Vere

Table of Contents

Drum Processing

Kick Drum:

Serum (electronic layer) and Addictive Drums (acoustic layer) for the kick drum.

Snare Drum:

Acoustic top layer from Addictive Drums
Sine wave providing fundamental frequency (pitch) in Serum (tune this to the key of the track)
Eight layers of instruments in total (various foley and textures)

Mefjus doesn’t start with eight layers for the snare. He may only start with 2 or 3. But, as the track progresses and you add in the hats and basses, you realise they’re occupying a lot of that top-end space for the snare. The additional layers help the snare cut through the mix.


The Dramatic 4 plugin emulating a 909 hi-hat

Drum Break:

The break sections all made on Addictive Drums — arranged from single hits in MIDI.

The break is smashed through a compressor (-21dB gain reduction) to bring it upfront in the mix.

There’s a Ring Modulator and MFreqShifter (both by Melda) for crunch and texture.


Portal by Output for soundscapes.

Mefjus likes to keep everything in MIDI until the very last stage to have full control over the song, until the final export.

Effect Chains:

Send FX chains into FX chains. There are multiple FX chains, each with various stages for every sound in the project. This is how the majority of the sounds are processed and varied throughout the track.

Builds texture and rooms with reverbs and other types of effects on these chains, adds distortion, then side-chains them to create a sense of movement in the track.