Mefjus — Particles Studio Insights: Special Edition — Q&A (Episode 6)
Sound Design

Mefjus — Particles Studio Insights: Special Edition — Q&A (Episode 6)

Matthew Vere
Matthew Vere

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Keeps a default kick and snare in his template project, both in Serum.

Phase Alignment

Uses Blue Cat’s Oscilloscope Multi for checking phase.

(Using the example of a kick drum in Serum made from a body and top layer.) You can view each layer separately in the Oscilloscope, and spot if the waveforms are coming together nicely (or phase-aligned). Serum has a phase control for each wavetable you can alter to match up each layer.

Phase alignment is easier explained with the example of a kick and sub-bass. The combined waveform should look like a long sine wave on the Oscilloscope for them to be in phase.

What’s on Your Master Bus?

Voxengo Span
Blue Cat’s Oscilloscope Multi
FabFilter’s Pro-L

Mefjus doesn’t like colouring the master bus at all. He prefers to apply changes to the channels that require them, not on the master.

On Mixing

Think about what each element is doing in the mix; what role does it play?

Be aware of the requirements of the track, why type of kick and snare would fit best?