Mixing With Your Eyes: Voxengo SPAN Mixing Settings
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Mixing With Your Eyes: Voxengo SPAN Mixing Settings

Matthew Vere
Matthew Vere

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Plugins On Dan Worrall's Master Output

PPMulator3 - Zplane

TB EBUCompact - Tone Boosters

Dynamiters - Meter Plugs

VUMT - Klanghelm

TDR SlickEQ M - Tokyo Dawn

MV: I noted these for my interests; they're not part of the tutorial.

Voxengo SPAN Settings

Dan hides the level and correlation meters.

Sets the block size to 8192.

The focus shouldn't be on seeing harmonics, but the overall frequency trend.

Because of this, Dan uses a smoothing of 1/3 octave to make the analyser less detailed.

Uses the '6000 AVG Time' setting.

Further Advice for Using SPAN (applies to any analyser)

Your brain can tune out problems in a mix as it's adjusting its own EQ between your ears.

Listen to reference material to reset your ears in these cases.

Mid-Side Stereo View - you can toggle between mid and side signals. The mid-channel shows everything identical between the left and right channels. The side channel displays what's different.

Dan sets the side channel's analyser colour to red. Then selects a random colour for the mid information as an underlay. This means you'll have two analysers on top of one another in different colours. One displaying the side frequency information, and one the mid.

The side channel should be slightly lower (a few dB) than the mid-channel for most of the spectrum. It should also roll-off at the bottom end, ensuring the sub-bass is in mono.

If the side information rises to the same level as the mid, that's a warning sign that you should check your project in mono.